Adventure Playground 

20 Bridge Street Benalla Victoria

The Benalla Adventure Playground is a popular recreational area located in Benalla, near the Botanical Gardens.

It has expansive play structures, diverse activities, and beautiful natural surroundings.

The playground features a variety of play equipment suitable for children of different ages and abilities. This includes slides, swings, climbing frames, and imaginative play areas.

Situated in a scenic location, the playground is often surrounded by lush greenery and has a natural feel that enhances the play experience.

The playground is designed to be accessible to children with disabilities, ensuring that all kids can participate and have fun.

There are picnic tables and shelters nearby, making it convenient for families to relax and enjoy meals amidst their playtime.

Benalla Adventure Playground is not only a place for children to have fun and explore but also a space that fosters community interaction and outdoor enjoyment for all ages.


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