Breakfast at Wallace’s 

Telemark Street Falls Creek Victoria

Breakfast at Wallace's takes advantage of premium mountain e-bikes.

The tour departs via the aqueduct system that surprises the rider with dramatic mountainous and serene lake scenes of the Bogong High Plains.

The hidden delight is an on-location, custom cooked breakfast of scrambled eggs/omelettes, where you choose your toppings, soak up locally made breads, a fresh brew of Honeybird coffee, hot chocolate or tea, whilst breathing in 300-year-old snow gums that hug the eves of Historical Wallace's Hut.

On return to Nelse Lodge, the tour takes the route of Langford's aqueduct that lends itself to a landscape that could have inspired Fred Williams to paint.

This tour is a great one for the family or intimate group of friends wishing to have a relaxing morning away.

This experience is provided by Falls Creek Guides

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