Chambers Rosewood Vineyards and Winery 

178 Barkly Street Rutherglen Victoria
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Honest Wines With a Sense of Place.

First established by William Chambers in 1858, the Chambers family has been making wine at Rosewood for over six generations.

Stephen Chambers has established an enviable reputation for himself by continuing the tradition of producing highly prized fortified wines such as the Muscat and Muscadelle after taking over from the legendary Bill Chambers in 2001. Famed wine writer Robert Parker Jr described them as '...some of the world's most remarkable dessert wines'.

With more than 40 wines on offer, including Muscadelle, Muscat, Shiraz , Mondeuse, Tempranillo and Roussanne. Look out for a particularly interesting and rare variety called Gouais, a parent plant of Chardonnay, Riesling and as more recently discovered, up to 80 different varieties.

Rosewood's gnarled old low-yielding vines, many of which are more than 120 years old, yield fruit brimming with highly concentrated flavours for their world-renowned wine styles.


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