Graincorp Devenish Silos 

Devenish Road Devenish Victoria

The Graincorp Devenish Silos artwork was unveiled on Anzac Day Eve 2018 The first two Graincorp Devenish silos were painted by Melbourne Street Artist Cam Scale in 2018, and had their official unveiling on Anzac Day Eve 2018 and coincides with the 100 year centenary of the end of the First World War.

They depict two nurses - one from the First World War and the other a modern medic. With both being women, the mural also depicts the changing role of women in the military and society in general.

On Anzac Day 2019 the third silo was again painted by Cam Scale and unveiled with a marvellous costumed parade bringing visitors from across Australia. The silo is a tribute to the Australian Light Horse.

Fifty young men and women from the Devenish Community enlisted in the military services in WW1. At the time, that was one in six residents from this tiny town. Cam Scale also wanted to honour the seven Devenish diggers who never made it home.

On Remembrance Day 2021, a memorial to the Explosive Detection Dog ?Sally? was unveiled.

While you are in Devenish, visit the Agricultural Museum, General Store and the Devenish Hotel.


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