Jamieson Heritage Self  Guided Walk 

Jamieson Victoria

Jamieson's fascinating history has been captured in this self-guided walk.

Take in the landscape, gardens, wildlife and the overall beauty. Walk past quaint cottages, heritage buildings, picturesque river settings and beautiful deciduous trees both of botanical significance and colourful spectacle. Bright green in spring and summer, and all shades of yellow, red and golden when their leaves turn in autumn.

Other highlights include St Peter's Anglican Church surrounded by 100 year old oaks, and don't miss Juddy's Hut, an example of an early miner's cottage. Visit "The Island" where the Jamieson and Goulburn Rivers meet - Keep your eyes open for beautiful native birds and if you're lucky you may even spot a platypus whilst riverside.

The route is displayed on interpretive signs in 25 sites around the township, download online or pick up a map from the Mansfield Visitor Information Centre.


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