K7 Adventures 

Valley Terminal, Friday Drive, Thredbo via Kosciuszko National Park New South Wales

K7 Adventures is a collective of mountain guides with a passion for the outdoors.

Individually, they are professionals and experts in their field. Collectively, they have decades of experience to share with you.

Those decades include experience in Australia, the Himalayas, Antarctica, the US and Europe - climbing, mountaineering, skiing, backcountry exploration, photography - the list goes on.

They have been operating in The Snowy Mountains for over Twenty Years. In that time K7 Adventures has embraced a “Tread Lightly” approach to guiding visitors through the National Park. They aim to share these fragile and resilient natural spaces in a manner that allows you to feel both invigorated and inspired.

K7 Guides will take you out into nature to experience the best the mountains have to offer, then bring you back safely to the warmth and buzz of local village life. Their story is one of ongoing immersion in natural spaces that inspire. They aim to give you the highlight of your holiday.