Lake Cobbler 

Lake Cobbler Road Wabonga Victoria

Lake Cobbler is around 47 kilometres south of Whitfield along Lake Cobblers Road, which is accessed from the Upper Rose River Road; you'll need a 4WD or high-clearance 2WD to negotiate the stretch of road south of Bennies, and an off-road camper trailer if you want to tow your accommodation in.

On the way in you'll see Dandongadale Falls, which have an impressive drop of over 200 metres.

The lake was created in the 1960s by damming a swamp area in the headwaters of the Dandongadale River. After leaving Lake Cobbler the Dandongadale River plunges over a precipice, creating the longest drop waterfall in Victoria (a heady 255m). It then joins the Rose River, which flows into the Buffalo River, before settling down to a quiet life in the backwaters of Lake Buffalo.

The Lake is a popular touring destination, as well as a good base camp for lazy days, and/or walking to nearby Mount Cobbler.

Lake cobbler provides quiet, beautiful areas to set up camp for a night or two. You can picnic amidst stunning snow gums and enjoy some of the area's finest fishing. There are several walking tracks around the lake that are worth taking the time out to enjoy.


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