Mansfield Mullum Wetlands Walk 

173 High Street Mansfield Victoria

This easy 1.5 kilometre walk begins at the start of the Great Victorian Rail Trail adjacent to the Mansfield Visitor Information Centre in the historic "Station Precinct".

The wetlands provide a habitat for native fauna and are a beautiful and accessible example of a living wetlands ecosystem. Check out the water birds from the bird hide overlooking the ponds, or just chill on the seating and take in the fresh air and serenity.

There are a number of plants labelled in the wetlands which are all Australian natives and most are Indigenous (meaning that they are local to this area however not all - two plants are noted as not Indigenous to the Mansfield area). There are also a number of ceramic tiles pointing out sites of interest displayed in the wetlands that were made by the Mansfield Primary students.

Pick up a walking trail map prior to starting the walk from the Mansfield Visitor Information Centre or download online. QR code at entry to walk.


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