Mt Jaithmathang and Tawonga Hut Return 

17 Slalom Street Falls Creek Victoria

With the power of Falls Creek Guides' e-bike fleet, ride easily to the peak of Mt Mckay before descending to the Pretty Valley hut and cattle yards that were first constructed in the 1930s.

Then ride towards the Tawonga Hut and the hidden valley of the Jaithmathangs that lay beyond Pretty Valley Pondage crossing and on the edge of the Tawonga Huts. Cattleman, John Ryder, constructed the first Tawonga huts. This hut was pulled down in 1888 by a horse that was tethered to the hut but was replaced that same year. A second hut was built in 1923. Currently, four huts exist on a site 250 metres south of the original site, set amongst ageless snow gums next to a small creek. The huts as a group are recognised as significant by the National Trust.

This trek provides the opportunity to Summit Mt Jaithmathang, 1852 m in a day, to encounter the stunning panorama of Mt Mc Kay and Feathertop that stands as a gate towards Mt Hotham on the great alpine walking trail.

It is very likely to see a Brumby herd that has been roaming the hill's of Tawonga Huts for the last thirty years.

This experience is provided by Falls Creek Guides

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